Why “Awake” is an Awesome New Show

An excellent review of a long gone, but still awesome and dearly missed show.

All Things Sci-Fi

Detective Michael Britten is caught between two realities after a car crash: one where only his son survives, and one where only his wife survives. (Photo Credit: Postcultural)

Awake is a new drama on NBC that premiered in the Spring 2012 Season (Early March, to be exact). It features an intriguing premise and a great story that holds your attention and makes you think.

Awake is also the first show in a long while that I have been genuinely excited to watch and keep up with. Which is why this next bit pains me to relay to you.

Nowadays TV Shows struggle to gain a foothold in the ratings.  As a result, shows that don’t find a following within their first couple weeks are more often than not doomed to failure. It’s all about the ratings until you hit a certain point and are considered “safe” from cancellation. If your…

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