The Man Who Would See The Future

A short but excellent sci-fi story written by Adil Rahim Hyder!

Sentient Exhalation

The metal of the time machine shook as it plunged through the fourth dimension. The Time Traveler noticed this, but was too preoccupied to pay it much heed. Turbulence might be a routine occurrence when traveling forward more than a century into the future. He was the first man to visit so far into the future after all. This was all new territory. He bent his head down again and closed his eyes. His mind was abuzz, his body restless as he sat in the cramped metal cocoon that was taking him one thousand years into the future. In a few short minutes, he would walk out through the opening and see what the Earth looked like, a thousand years the wiser. The thought, the warning signal, entered his mind again, and he examined it with trepidation. What if he walked out to a barren wasteland instead of the Utopian…

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