Projects / Scripts

Films in Production

The Right Choice (Short – Drama / Comedy)Completed 

A black comedy about two parents-to-be trying to make the right choice over what attributes their designer baby should have.

Sacrifice (Short – Drama)Pre-Production

A wife confronts her husband after he’s been arrested for spying on behalf of a foreign power.

Film Scripts

Brothers of the Fatherland (Feature/Spec – Drama/War)

Two brothers, a Nazi war hero and a humanitarian playboy, find themselves on opposite sides of history as war rages across Europe. A heart-breaking true story of family and fascism set between both World Wars.

Around the World in 72 Days (Feature/Spec – Historical/Adventure)

At the turn of the 19th century, Nellie Bly hits upon the idea of travelling around the world in less than 72 days. With her best friend in tow, the duo are forced into a race against time when a rival journalist steals the idea for herself

A God Amongst Men (Feature/Spec – Drama/Science Fiction)

Forced to live with superpowers for the last 12 years, Matthew is feared by everyone and leads a lonely existence. However, a chance meeting with schoolteacher Scarlett gives him hope that he finally might have a future.

Message through the Stars (Short/Spec – Science Fiction)

While travelling at the speed of light to a distant planet, a young mother must deal with the fallout this journey has on her only child.


COBRA (Drama)

After a terrorist attack severely injuries the Prime Minister and several politicians, the remaining members of the Cabinet must try to keep order amid the chaos.