Projects / Scripts

Films in Production

Sorry, Wrong Number (Short – Comedy) – Currently on the festival circuit

An eccentric man receives a strange phone call.

The Right Choice (Short – Drama / Comedy)Completed 

A black comedy about two parents-to-be trying to make the right choice over what attributes their designer baby should have.

Film Scripts

Brothers of the Fatherland (Feature/Spec – Drama/War)

Two brothers, a Nazi war hero and a humanitarian playboy, find themselves on opposite sides of history as war rages across Europe. A heart-breaking true story of family and fascism set between both World Wars.

Around the World in 72 Days (Feature/Spec – Historical/Adventure)

At the turn of the 19th century, two women set off on a record-breaking attempt to travel around the world and secure their place in history.

A God Amongst Men (Feature/Spec – Drama/Science Fiction)

A man forced to live with superpowers is feared by everyone and leads a lonely existence. However, a chance meeting with a schoolteacher gives him hope that he finally might have a future.

Message through the Stars (Short/Spec – Science Fiction)

While travelling at the speed of light to a distant planet, a young mother must deal with the fallout this journey has on her only child.

Sacrifice (Short/Spec – Drama)

A wife confronts her husband after he’s been arrested for spying on behalf of a foreign power.


COBRA (Drama)

After a terrorist attack severely injuries the Prime Minister and several politicians, the remaining members of the Cabinet must try to keep order amid the chaos.